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Introducing our exclusive range of products from the White Label series curated for the hospitality industry.

Our collection features optimally packaged premium toiletry sets, including shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions and hand washes, in convenient pressure pumps and gallon dispensers for hassle-free usage. Choose from a range of bottle sizes, including 1-gallon options for refills, ensuring a seamless experience for both guests and hosts.

Enhance your space with our White Label series, where convenience meets practicality for unforgettable guest stays.

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    21 products
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Stocking up your hotel or Airbnb with White Label products for your hotel or rental property has several advantages over other brands. To start with, these items are made specifically for use in the hospitality industry. Hence, they are functional and pleasing to look at, which will improve guest satisfaction levels. Our shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion come in handy during those luxurious moments that every traveler craves while away from home, thus making their stay even more enjoyable. 

    Additionally, we offer bulk sizes such as gallon dispensers or pressure pump containers, allowing your staff to easily store and refill them, saving time and reducing waste. This streamlined approach can help cut costs without compromising quality standards, thereby ensuring higher levels of customer service within limited budgetary allocations.

    We offer customization services with minimum order quantity of 500 bottles, with 3 months of lead time. For lower quantity customization requests, we suggest to incorporate your logo through add-on logo stickers, offering a sleek and personalized touch to the packaging.

    Alternatively, you may explore additional branding opportunities such as custom ribbons, tags, or complementary packaging accessories to further elevate your brand presence. We understand the importance of aligning our products with your establishment's identity and are open to collaborating on creative solutions to meet your branding needs. 

    Should you require further assistance or have specific requests, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, as we're dedicated to accommodating your hospitality branding aspirations.

    All White Label products are developed and packed according to strict hospitality industry standards. For example, they should meet quality levels that keep them safe, efficient, and dependable. Otherwise, each item undergoes many quality checks to ensure it performs its task well without causing any harm to users who may need it during their stay at hotels or elsewhere. 

    Such commodities contain gentle ingredients selected from high-quality components since they work effectively and do not cause irritation even on delicate skin. This makes them suitable for use by various groups of people, including those with sensitive skin.

    We support our White Label products with guarantees and warranties to protect your investment. All our items have a satisfaction guarantee to meet quality. If there is any reason that this product does not satisfy you, we provide exchanges or returns. This warranty reflects our dedication to offering top-notch goods you can trust to satisfy guests while upholding property standards.