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Explore an extensive array of shampoo and conditioner curated for the hospitality space. This collection features renowned lines like White Label, APOTECAROMA, EAU D’EDEN & BIOCORN. We have a variety of products in recyclable paper bags and drill-free wall mount bottles, prioritizing sustainability without compromising on quality. Whether standalone or bundled for ease, our products cater to every need and offer ultimate convenience. Choose from pressure pump bottles, travel sizes, or 1-gallon refills, for flexible use. Redefine hospitality with our wide range of offerings.

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    33 products
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we provide a range of formulations for our travel-sized shampoos and conditioners to suit various hair care requirements and tastes. We provide choices for both nourishing sensitive scalps and revitalizing thinning hair. For instance, the APOTECAROMA and BIOCORN lines include a mild shampoo that fortifies and de-fuzzes hair thanks to its amino acid composition. We also have the EAU D'EDEN range, ideal for anyone looking for a luxury touch because of its distinct scent of ocean mist.

    Our travel-sized products are all made without harsh ingredients like parabens and strong scents with your visitors' health in mind. Every product complies with our cruelty-free pledge, guaranteeing that no animals are used in their testing.

    Our travel-sized items are created with the highest standards and certifications to guarantee that they live up to your expectations and ethical principles. No animal testing is done on any of our products during the product development process. 

    Furthermore, our products are devoid of parabens, which are frequently used as preservatives in toiletries and cosmetics. These chemicals can pose health hazards and can irritate the skin. By declining to use parabens, we provide a safer, more natural alternative for your visitors' skincare requirements.

    We are also dedicated to providing eco-friendly packaging made of recycled plastic and plant-based materials. Our goal is to ensure our products are safe and kind on the environment and your skin!

    We are glad to present choices for environmentally friendly packaging that showcase our dedication to sustainability. Body wash, lotion, conditioner, and shampoo, weighing 1.1 oz or 30 milliliters each, are packed and wrapped in reusable kraft paper bags. 

    In addition to being ecologically responsible, our kraft paper pouches are precisely proportioned for travel, compliant with travel laws, and convenient for visitors. With our products, you're helping save the environment and giving your visitors premium amenities. Our eco-friendly toiletries complement any environment that prioritizes sustainability and visitor happiness, be it a hotel, gym, school, or business.

    Certainly! When it comes to eco-conscious choices, our shampoos and conditioners lead the way. Formulated with sustainability in mind, they boast biodegradable properties, meticulously crafted from a blend of all-natural ingredients, completely devoid of harsh chemicals. 

    This commitment ensures they not only nourish your hair but also minimize their environmental footprint by breaking down safely and naturally, aligning perfectly with our dedication to eco-friendliness and responsible stewardship of our planet's resources.