Travel-Size Personal Care Kits

Discover our curated selection of travel-sized personal care kits tailored for your guests. Our collection features dental kits, shaving essentials, mouthwash, and vanity sets from reputable brands like EAU D’EDEN and BIOCORN. A range of disposables in the selection including toothbrushes, toothpaste, shaving razors, and shower caps, ensure that visitors have all they need for a comfortable stay. For a guest experience that minimizes environmental impact, check out our eco-friendly product packaging in Kraft paper bags. Transform guest stays into unforgettable experiences with our eco-conscious personal care kits.

17 products

    17 products
    BIOCORN Cotton Pads (500 Pack)
    cotton tips Q tips
    BIOCORN Cotton Swabs (500 Pack)
    shaving kit, shaving razor and shaving cream
    BIOCORN Shaving Kit (500 Pack)
    dental kits toothbrush tooth paste
    BIOCORN Dental Kit (500 Pack)
    shower cap
    BIOCORN Shower Caps (500 Pack)
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