The Ultimate Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Checklist

Before diving into our guide, it's paramount to remember one key principle. Hosting is an art each host perfects over time. However, certain fundamentals enhance guest satisfaction. The bathroom is an integral part of this journey. As an Airbnb host, you are responsible for providing more than just a place to stay. You should offer a memorable experience for your guests. Bathroom essentials are a key part of this experience. Here's your checklist to ensure your Airbnb bathroom is well-equipped for your guests.

The Ultimate Airbnb Bathroom Essentials Checklist


While this isn't tangible, cleanliness is the first item on the checklist. Cleanliness communicates respect for the guest's comfort. Hire professional services if needed, but make sure your bathroom is sparkling clean.

Ample, Quality Towels 

A sufficient number of clean, fluffy towels are critical. Slow-drying, unclean, or worn-out towels can spoil your guest's experience. Ensuring each guest in shared housing has at least two fresh towels can make a big difference.

Quality Soaps and Sanitizers 

Guests appreciate good quality soaps and sanitizers. It adds a touch of luxury. Make sure to include options for people with specific needs, such as allergies or environmental concerns.

Essential Toiletries 

More than usual, think of items a guest might forget. Include essentials like toothpaste, dental floss, cotton buds, shower gel, lotion, and razors. Travel-sized options work best to reduce waste.

Toilet Paper 

Don't overlook the significance of having enough good quality toilet paper. Running out can lead to awkward situations.


A hairdryer can make a guest's experience better, especially when it's cold or when they're in a hurry.

Basic First Aid Kit 

Having a simple first aid kit in the bathroom is a good idea. It should include band-aids, tweezers, and antiseptic wipes. It ensures guests can tend to minor incidents swiftly.

Proper Lighting 

Soft, warm lighting can transform a space. Ensure sufficient lighting around the mirror and in the shower.

Mirror and Vanity 

Ensure the bathroom has a well-lit mirror and vanity area for grooming. A magnifying mirror is a great addition for makeup lovers. It can also give your guests a hotel-like experience.

Fragrance and Air Fresheners 

A welcoming fragrance contributes to the overall bathroom experience. Try using subtle, fresh scents with an air freshener, reed diffuser, or scented candles. Remember to take into account possible allergies and preferences.

Bathroom Storage 

Offer storage solutions for your guests to keep their personal belongings organized. Consider adding shelves, baskets, and counter organizers to keep essential items within reach.

Laundry Hamper 

Guests may need to separate dirty linens from their personal belongings. Using a small hamper for dirty towels and washcloths makes things easier and more organized.

Plunger and Toilet Brush 

A plunger and toilet brush are indispensable to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. Make sure to place these items discreetly but where your guests can easily find them if they need them during their stay.

Shower Curtain 

You can choose between a sturdy, well-designed shower curtain or a glass door to keep your bathroom floor dry and maintain privacy. Consider selecting a curtain made of waterproof, easy-to-clean materials.

Remember, it's not about just ticking off items on a list. It's about offering a delightful experience that enhances the guest's stay. Rest assured that your Airbnb bathroom is designed for comfort, convenience, and luxury.