6 Restroom Essentials To Have In Your Restaurant

A restaurant's restroom may not be top-of-mind when you think about dining out, but it can leave a lasting impression on your guests. Just as the quality of food and service matters, so do the restroom essentials that contribute to a clean and comfortable environment.

6 Restroom Essentials To Have In Your Restaurant

Hand Soap and Dispenser

Hand soap and a reliable dispenser are the most important restroom essentials. Guests expect to find soap to wash their hands after using the restroom. It's a basic necessity that speaks volumes about a restaurant's standards of cleanliness. Choosing a good quality hand soap also shows that you care about the comfort and well-being of your guests. A gentle, moisturizing soap can prevent the discomfort of dry skin, and a pleasant scent can enhance the overall experience.

The soap dispenser itself is just as important. It should be easy to use and always well-stocked with hand-wash refills. A dispenser that's difficult to operate or empty can frustrate guests. Consider touchless dispensers for added hygiene, as they reduce the spread of germs by eliminating a common touch point.

Quality Toilet Paper and Dispenser

Another essential item in any restaurant restroom is high-quality toilet paper paired with a functional dispenser. The type of toilet paper you choose should be strong and soft. Thin, rough paper can be uncomfortable and give a poor impression of your establishment.

The toilet paper dispenser should be sturdy and easy to access. It must also hold enough toilet paper to avoid running out during service. Insufficient toilet paper supplies or a malfunctioning dispenser can cause significant inconvenience to guests and may deter them from revisiting your restaurant.

Hand soap, toilet paper, and dispensers go beyond just restroom necessities; they reflect the care you put into your restaurant. These items should be checked regularly and refilled or repaired to ensure guests have a positive experience in every aspect of your establishment.

Hand Dryers or Paper Towels

Selecting how guests dry their hands in your restaurant's restroom is a critical choice among restroom essentials. This choice can impact your restroom's environment and your restaurant's overall impression. Hand dryers offer a modern, touchless way to dry hands and can reduce waste by eliminating the need for paper towels. They are energy-efficient and can prove cost-effective over time since they do not require continuous restocking. However, it's important to choose powerful and quick hand dryers to ensure guest comfort and convenience.

On the other hand, paper towels are a classic choice and can be more sanitary. They allow guests to thoroughly dry their hands  and can also be used to turn off taps and open doors, preventing the spread of germs. If you choose paper towels, ensure they are of high quality and that the dispensers are always well-stocked. Recycled paper towels offer an eco-friendly option, showing that your restaurant cares about sustainability.

Whether you choose hand dryers or paper towels, the key is to maintain them well. Hand dryers should be regularly serviced to ensure they work efficiently, and paper towel dispensers should be checked and refilled often to avoid running out. Both should be installed in convenient locations within the restroom for easy access.

Fragrance or Air Freshener

A restroom's smell significantly affects a guest's perception of cleanliness and comfort. This is why a good fragrance or air freshener is among the top restroom essentials for any restaurant. A fresh-smelling restroom contributes to a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, extending the dining experience.

When selecting a fragrance or air freshener for your restroom, consider a light and neutral scent. Overpowering fragrances can be just as unpleasant as bad odors and may discomfort some guests. Automated air fresheners ensure consistent fragrance, efficiently maintaining a pleasant restroom environment throughout the day.

It's also essential to regularly check and maintain your air freshening system, whether an automated device or manual spray, to ensure it functions correctly and the scent is manageable. The fragrance should complement the cleanliness of the restroom, not overpower it or mask underlying issues.

Trash Bins with Lids

Including trash bins with lids as part of your restroom essentials is not just a matter of convenience but also of hygiene and privacy. Lidded bins help contain any odors and maintain the restroom’s clean appearance. They are a discreet way for guests to dispose of waste, particularly appreciated for throwing away personal items.

For better hygiene, opt for bins that can be operated without touching them, such as those with foot pedals. This kind of bin helps minimize germs spread because guests can avoid contact with surfaces. Regular emptying of these bins is crucial to prevent overflow, which can cause inconvenience and a poor impression.

The placement of these bins should be carefully considered. They should be easily accessible but not obstructive, and ideally, there should be one near the hand drying station and another inside the cubicles for added privacy.

Baby Changing Station

If your restaurant welcomes families, having a baby changing station is a considerate and necessary inclusion among your restroom essentials. A changing station provides a clean, safe, and convenient place for parents to care for their children's needs. It shows that your restaurant values the comfort of all guests, regardless of age.

When installing a baby changing station, ensure it’s available in both men's and women's restrooms or in a family restroom to cater to all caregivers. The station should be sturdy, easy to clean, and equipped with safety straps to secure the baby. Additionally, it should be located in a private restroom area to give families peace of mind and space.

Including a small dispenser with disposable changing liners or wipes also adds extra convenience. This small yet thoughtful gesture can greatly improve the dining experience for families, encouraging them to return.

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